Monday, August 10, 2009

When life gives u lemons........

First of all, I am pissed at how things at the hostel has been enveloping these past few days.

Because of tat i had to drag myself to campus jz to settle the business yesterday.Well not just me but King, Belinda and Sherrie was also affected.

However, there was one saying 'If life gives u Lemon, u make lemonades'.....something like tat. Since most of us will be in campus for the accomodation turmoil, we planned to have a gathering in midvalley.Albeit a very brief gathering.

All of us took the KTM to midvalley to watch G.I Joe.....which is not a good movie but oso not a bad movie in all.In midvalley we also 'bugged' the guys who are working in midvalley. Tho bug is not the correct word as they dun mind us 'bugging' them while in all, the gathering was quite nostalgic to say the least. But i would not mind the trip back to be less crowded, it is always like travelling in a sardine can when going back.....T.T

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My brain is working overtime.

The second month of my summer break is about to come to an end.

I definitely have too much free time for my own good...

Some days i am productive , like a well oiled machine.

Some days i am no different than the average bum.....T.T

Well.....i have been spending most days as a bum nowadays.

I am so bored rite now tat i am almost wishing tat i my summer break can be cut
Look at me......i am talking crazy!!!!!
Surely too much free time is not good for ur health.....hoho.
I used to think too much.....rite now with so much free time ....I think this condition is amplified...
I cant seem to stop some times......GG
It seems like my brain is working overtime during those times.

Have been listening to The Script like crazy this few days.

These irish lads are seriously good. No kidding.

Anyway....still got more about two months of summer break left....maybe i will fare better in the latter months.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Its finally here.........after a month of so without more scorching heat anymore.
no more.
But now with no more full head of hair, i will sure feel the full brunt of the cold.T.T

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Journey to the north(summarised)

Last week went to the North with my uni friends for that lasted for one and a half weeks.

The location:Ipoh, Taiping, Penang

The agenda:Food & Cho tai di XD

The people: Unique

The danger:Jelly fish

The experience:Mind Blasting

Current location: still not home yet........T.T

This is just a few things that i can summarise from the trip that just ended about twelve hours ago.i need time to recollect everything that happened during the period of time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random rambling for the killing of time

Guess wat.......finally after sooooooo many months of negligence(3 months to be exact) i am finally going to put a new post. I guess I am not quite the blogger type. Since its been so long since my last,tis post would be quite a long one- with all the shit that happens tis few months ; i can finally rant all those stuff to my readers(if there are any).

The past three months were littered with lectures, tutorials, tests,assignments, presentations, and more tests. Damn sien lar.........although we had occasional outings to malls and such.

One of those outings is to the one and only MOS(euphoria).Well the trip to that place was done pretty abrupt oso.Thruth is, I only know tat i am going to MOS half an hour before going there. And they said that the cover charge was only 20 bucks so i say "wat the heck, its only 20 bucks". But when i reach there i had to forked out 100bucks to get in there. The MOS was pretty decent, it should be decent cuz i had to pay 100 bucks for it. We had fun ,the music was LOUD, and there is booze.

This sem i had missed out on alot of stuff, such as:
  1. PROM night
  2. i missed watching WatchMen- they said tat it was quite an interesting show
  3. missed the chance to learn to dance.
  4. missed the mr. and miss nottingham paegent.
  5. missed a camping trip to Cameron Highlands
  6. am missing the trip to Taiping as of now.
Therefore, i missed quite a load of stuff tis sem, which was a major bummer. And it is still a bummer.T.T.....but still i made the most fun out the things tat i had done.......which is quite a lot( i think).

All the gang has dispersed this evening. One bunch of guys are taking the train to Taiping and another bunch went to Port Dickson.

To cut the story short, i am extremely bored and tat is why i am now writing this blog.
It managed to kill a few hours......HOHO

Friday, January 16, 2009

What to do after FINALS................

SEM 1 finals finally ends!!!!!!!!!......woo hoo!!!!

First of all,I wana thank god (if ther is one)that i can write tis post after what had happened one day before my light waves exam.The reason is i fell down a flight of stairs with only two scratches on my body.The way i fell is very sohai-so i m not gonna tell u guys how did i fell.It could have been much worse the fall. I could end up in a vegetative state only supported artificially through err....what a close call, seriously.

With that aside, finals is finally over, and on our first hour after the exam. I went off to KL to send patrick off to sitiawan(WE miss u bro-and bring a helmet while u r there). After that we went to pavilion to watch OUTLANDER.Well, i gotta give props to the director who is able to make the elements of the movie which makes no sense to have a little bit of sense........A LITTLE BIT. After the movie,we all got the chance to exeperience KL at night. Sad to say, it is pretty empty at that time,it is almost like a ghost town. We walked around KL like a bunch of idiots till we got bored and finally got home.

The day after the FINALS was similar,went to mid valley,spend the day there doing nothing,and then had dinner. We had dinner in some hilltop in ampang which has the view of the city at night. It was amazing(will upload pictures if there are any).Had a blast there.

Recently, a lot(i mean ALOT) of my uni frens have been emo-ing due to various reasons . I hope u guys can get through tis period of emo-ness as quickly and painlessly as possible.